Lake Elton

Lake Elton

If ordinary Russians ask where he went for beauty and health, he is likely to respond, “the Dead Sea” or even far away (and more expensive). And for good reason. Russian resorts no less rich in natural treasures that will heal both body and soul.

One of these – a wonderful lake Elton, in the Volgograd region almost on the border with Kazakhstan. Incredibly salty undrained reservoir. There is impressive all: thick crust of salt on the banks of the many meters around the salty breeze, pinkish water (this color gives a special algae – this concentrate is something else manages to survive), brine – disgusting taste, but very healing oily liquid instead of water and of course, the very surface of the lake – almost a mirror. On the banks of the pond is a sanatorium, where twice a day brings fresh mud and brine from the lake. Incidentally, the concentration of minerals and salts in Elton much more than in the Dead Sea. This is for those who do not dare to get to the water by the sun (the climate is extremely hot for Russia), dive into the thick brine, and then go back, covered with a thick layer of salt. Who still dares, it has an obvious chance to improve blood circulation, metabolism, and just experience the amazing sensations that hardly anywhere else imagined. See you on the lake Elton!

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